Thank you for the tapping session today!  Wow!...You are really good and I'm a willing participant--to hook present-tense 'stuff' directly to old childhood tapes.  I'm a big believer in psychologists, but this was fast, and very effective.  At the end of the session, I really felt as though a huge chunk of old stuff was gone...for good.


I have been tapping on my own for many years for things like headaches or to relieve stress. But recently my back went out which is something that happens about once a year. The pain was excruciating, I could barely stand up and I had a family vacation planned in 5 days.  I googled Julie Schiffman’s Utube tapping videos and starting tapping with them 4-5 times a day. Immediately after my first morning tapping sessions, listening to Julie’s soothing voice and following along with her, I can feel the pain being released.  Even though I was following other ways to heal my back I found the main thing that made my pain ease immediately and my tight muscles to loosen was tapping with Julie.  I don’t think I could have healed as quickly as I did if it wasn’t for EFT. Thank you, Julie Schiffman. 

Run, do not walk to work with Julie Schiffman. She is an incredibly skilled practitioner, a highly intuitive healer and expert coach. All of that plus her empathy, compassion and humor always make me excited for my next session. I have been working with Julie for almost three years now. She has helped me with so many things from getting rid of a nasty bout of rosacea to clearing major financial blocks. She even helped my daughter work through some blocks with potty training and overcoming some anxiety around going to school! Words cannot express how grateful I am to her and the influence she has had on my life. I always leave sessions with her feeling energized and empowered. I trust Julie implicitly and look forward to many more years of having her on my wellness team.

~Diane Costigan

Julie, thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday.  The 'cure' has staying power--I have been “carpal tunnel free'.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help, and I look forward to getting more instruction from you in the very near future.  You're the greatest!


Julie, I cannot tell you how much better I am feeling since the session on Tuesday.  I feel so much more relaxed and the tension in my neck and upper back is much less.  There really is something to the concept of emotions being stored physically.  Wished I'd been brutally honest and courageous enough to confront it earlier.  This was a giant leap down the path to living the life I want to.  


Thanks SO much!


Julie, is my angel! Where do I start? Yes, I have done the work, but she is my co-pilot. She makes it so simple to have a session with her. She does her magic through Skype, while I'm still at home in my pjs, before I go to work.


This weekend was the first time ever, that I did not feel fearful and full of anxiety as I went to see my favorite rock star perform. I traveled to see him just five months ago but I was a massive wreck. This time it was different, I was calm and present. I have also had major packing issues for at least 30 years. I used to approach packing for a trip as if it was a Hollywood production of epic proportions. For weeks ahead of time, I would force myself to spend at least 15 minutes a day looking at my suitcase and attempting to start the process. The last few times I would just stare at my suitcase and tap and it became easier each time. But now, with Julie's assistance, I've broken through my barriers and didn't need to tap to pack. I left for the airport calm and effortlessly.  


This may seem trivial to those who don't experience high levels of anxiety in these situations, but for me, healing this is a major life accomplishment!

I couldn't have done it without my co-pilot, Julie Schiffman. Thank you, Julie.

~P.B., California

What an incredible change!  I am excited and optimistic that I have finally turned a corner and that I can see the real possibility of living without this issue.  I actually was singing and dancing yesterday.


I've been working with Julie for the last couple of years following a break up and a couple of additional life events. I had seen some of Julie's tapping videos on YouTube and knew she was the one for me. I wanted to learn how to tap. I had heard/read a lot about it and was intrigued.

What I hadn't heard about was the Body Code and the Emotion Code but thought, hey, why not? I had thought going into it that I would learn how to tap, feel better about the break up and move on. What happened is that I have had a tremendous shift of old energy, have had a shift in my "go to" thoughts, beliefs and habits. It's a bit difficult to describe the clearing of old, stagnant energetic history and how I now feel so much lighter and able to move through my life in a new way.

Julie is so fun to work with, very straightforward and kind. I felt very at ease with her after a couple of sessions. Now I check in with her maybe quarterly or if I have something sticky come up. If you're wondering if working with Julie is a good idea...IT IS.

~Nancy Navin, New Jersey

Julie’s years of experience in EFT were very evident at my first appointment. Professional, non-judgemental and knowing what questions to ask when tapping is imperative to have an effective session. Julie is abundant in all these talents. I trusted her from the get-go and you have to, if you want to get a lot done in that hour. It will fly by.


If you are serious about change or just interested in why something bugs you or makes you feel a certain way and can't articulate it, try tapping with Julie and it will be evident quite quickly if you are honest with her and yourself.

Don't be embarrassed, If you think she is thinking about your challenges after the session, think again, she is so busy and so good at what she does, she is smart enough to not store all of us in her head or carry our woes with her. I say this to encourage you to let it out and let Julie assist you.

~E.B., Chicago

I am forever grateful for your time that you have given me in your sessions.  I don't really have words to describe the physical and emotional miracles that I have experienced.  I have had this lifelong heaviness in my heart and soul that I never understood...it was some kind of energy that has been lifted.

Both Body Code and Emotion Code have helped me to have a life again.  This work that you do is the most amazing and powerful work.  

I truly believe that everything comes from the creator and you are one of the creators Angels doing the physical work to assist in helping people to regain physical and emotional wellness.  

Thank you is an understatement for my gratitude to you and the amazing energy work that you have shared with me.  

~J.C., Atlanta

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