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Interrupt the cycle of OVERTHINKING

Updated: May 20, 2018

This video is just off the cuff...recorded on my cell phone and I will tell you why.

I am an overthinker. There, I said it.

I tend to overthink and, even when I’ve made a decision, I ponder over it long and hard afterwards. Then I act on that decision and wonder if that was the right choice. Even AFTER it’s over and done!

How can that possibly be a useful way to operate? Quite honestly, it’s not, and I know I’m not alone in this. Are you also an overthinker?

Recently I caught myself overthinking something mundane and decided to make a video on it. Right then and I couldn’t take the time to overthink it!

Do you tend to be an overthinker? Can never decide or make a choice? Constantly challenging yourself to make a decision, but getting in your own way to actually do it? OR you finally make a decision and then change your mind...and then question that as well?!

As you probably already know, overthinking can create a lot of stress and anxiety AND is a real time waster.

This, of course, is where tapping comes in. It has changed the way I make decisions in my life (although sometimes I do still get caught in the overthinking trap :)). Almost always, I find that when I tap on an issue before overthinking it, it releases almost immediately.

Tap with me if you find yourself caught in a cycle of overthinking:

Happy Tapping!



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