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Just for the ladies...

As the subject line says, this video is just for you ladies! No explanation will be needed when I tell you this video is for PMS symptoms!

I will never forget a client I had years ago who suffered from debilitating cramps every month. She could not get out of bed for days while she was menstruating and this proved really tricky for her considering she had a high level corporate job.

We tapped on the symptoms and emotions around the issue and it emerged that her parents had told her they had wished for a boy when her mom was pregnant. They told her they were happy when she was born but always a little disappointed that they never had a boy (they already had two daughters). Throughout her life she struggled to process this and always felt she didn’t belong; she wondered if they really loved her even though she was a girl.

We tapped on all sorts of memories and emotions around this issue and she even forgave her parents for sharing this information with her...and also forgave herself for taking it personally!

Guess what happened? Her periods have come and gone with barely any symptoms at all. She was carrying so much pain around feeling unwanted that it created more physical pain for her. Once she tapped on it and addressed it, it was no longer an issue for her.

Of course everyone has their own journey but it might be worth exploring things that have happened in the past that might be contributing to the symptoms of PMS.

Tapping to relieve the symptoms of PMS:

Be sure to bookmark the video so you can go back to it. Obviously (and thankfully) you won’t be experiencing these symptoms all the time.

Let me know how this helped you and, of course, feel free to share with others who might benefit from tapping on these symptoms.

Tap into Life!

All the best,



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