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Tapping for when you feel bloated

I have a great video for you today! It won’t be for everyone, but for those who are in may be just the thing to provide relief.

The video I want to share with you is for when you feel BLOATED.

For those of you who suffer with IBS symptoms, it may come in handy if your body is speaking to you with distention. This might be from something you ate or because you have been challenged with chronic digestive issues.

You don’t need to suffer with a chronic disorder to feel bloated. Sometimes foods just don’t agree with us or we eat too much – I know have definitely been guilty of this at times! :)

Hopefully you are not suffering with feeling bloated on a regular basis. If you are, you may want to be sure and seek out medical attention. BUT, if you know what I am talking about and feel uncomfortable, then tap along with me!

EFT Tapping For When You Feel Bloated:

Remember that diet may play a primary role when it comes to feeling bloated so pay close attention to your diet if this is a regular occurrence.

Also interesting to note...if you regularly chew gum, bloating can be a direct result of this habit. A quick example:

My daughter was experiencing distention on a daily basis for two weeks, but her diet hadn’t changed and overall she eats pretty healthy. We were at the grocery store and she asked to buy gum. All of a sudden it dawned on me that she loves to chew gum in school. I told her to stop this habit to see if it made a difference and sure enough, no more bloating.

Obviously, others experience more severe symptoms due to intestinal issues, but it's something to consider.

If you are not suffering with symptoms right now, but know this could be helpful in the future, bookmark it for easy access...although hopefully you won’t need it!!

Here is to feeling healthy and vibrant!!

Tap into feeling good :)




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