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Relieve that neck pain!

Updated: May 20, 2018

I get emails almost daily from people telling me they have terrible neck pain or stress and tension in their necks. It’s not surprising really, as our head weighs around 10 lbs and unless we are holding it up correctly at all times, the neck can really feel a great deal of strain.

Think about how many times a day you are looking down at your phone or computer...or how you sit slumped in a chair. Just that repeated action alone of bending your neck without additional support can really tweak your neck.

Aside from structural stress and strain, the neck also tends to be an area that carries a great deal of emotional stressors that we absorb during day-to-day interaction.

If you are challenged with neck pain, consider this:

Who or what is a “pain in your neck” at this time in your life or when the pain started? If you automatically think of someone or something, tap on it!

Tapping to release neck pain:

Be sure to tune into the way your neck feels...the location and intensity of pain or discomfort. You may want to write it all down so you can go back and see how it has improved. Also write down any thoughts, emotions, memories or experiences that you think have contributed to the pain.

If you have been in an accident or something physical happened to trigger the pain, be sure to add that into your tapping regime.

Get rid of that pain in your neck - literally and figuratively! :)

Happy Tapping!

Lots of love,



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