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Stop complaining!

Updated: May 20, 2018

What have you been complaining about today?

My ideas for tapping videos are often either based on issues I see many of my clients struggling with OR because of issues I notice in my own life.

When I decided to create this particular video it was because I noticed I was caught in a constant stream of complaining while attending my favorite workout class.

I go twice a week to a cardio and weights class with my friend Jill and I really do enjoy it...but it’s HARD. This particular day seemed harder than most and I just found myself complaining about everything. From the temperature of the room, to feeling crowded with too many people, to how heavy the weights felt that day.

Suddenly I realized how I sounded! Like a big whiner and complainer! Who wants to listen to that? I turned to her and said “OK, I am done complaining...and this is my next video!”

Once I realized what I was doing, I changed the talk going on inside my head so I could actually enjoy the class and remember how good I feel when it’s done. :)

Do you ever feel like a huge complainer? Just moaning about everything showing up in your life?

Tapping for complaining:

Complaining or venting can be useful...especially if it helps to make a change in your circumstances or in the world. But did you know that when we get trapped in a cycle of going on and on about the same things over and over again, it can actually rewire the brain to look for problems?

Even though we all get stuck in complaining sometimes, the tiniest shift in a positive direction can help to lift our mood, our perception of our circumstances and our lives as a whole. Taking time to tap on the issues bothering us means we begin to feel better AND THEN treat others better as a result and this creates a ripple effect in the world...for the better, truly!

Wouldn’t it be great to start looking for solutions and the upside of challenges in your life?

If you notice your vibe has been all about complaining, then tap along with me.

Let me know what kind of shifts you had after tapping along with this video! I love to hear about your experiences with tapping. :)

Happy Tapping,



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