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Tap into a healthy immune system

It is not my style to be an alarmist in any way, shape or form. However, if you pay attention to the news or have school age children, you may be aware that this is the “flu season.”

I am not interested in getting into whether you or I should get the flu vaccine shot. That is a personal decision and one that is highly debated these days!

Because I still have kids in school, I can’t seem to go anywhere without someone mentioning how bad this “flu season” is. News flash!! The flu isn’t a season and there are things we can do to keep ourselves healthy. In other words, it definitely helps to be proactive.

We can’t always control what goes on around us and we cannot control if someone comes to work with a drippy nose, a cough and a 101 fever (thank you, no thank you), however by maintaining a healthy diet, strengthening our immune system and taking care of our emotional health, we are taking steps to be more resilient to succumbing to the common cold or the ever-dreaded flu bug.

There are definitely steps that I take to keep myself healthy as well as my family. Although it’s not foolproof, we have a pretty good track record so far!

I am sure this comes as no surprise to you, but I do use tapping/EFT on a regular basis to boost my immune system especially when germs seems to be spreading more than usual. :)

Here are two different tapping videos that I hope you will find useful. One is to boost your immune system the other is to help you reduce anxiety about getting sick and alleviating symptoms. Tap with me!

Tap to help boost your immune system:

Tapping for colds and flu:

Be sure to let me know if this helps! I am working on new videos for YOU. Coming soon!

Happy Tapping,



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