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3 secret ways to tap when in public

I was out for dinner a few weeks ago with some friends and also some people I didn’t know very well. The subject of politics came up and it got heated quickly and I found myself feeling irritated and angry. This was supposed to be a nice night out and suddenly it felt awkward and unsettling.

I knew tapping would help to settle me immediately, but it’s not always so comfortable to tap in front of others (especially people who don’t know what the heck it is). This could have made an already awkward moment even MORE awkward!

If you didn’t know already, there are actually ways you can tap in the moment without others knowing what you are doing. I personally use all of these at various times when needed.

My kids hate when I tap in public and even though sometimes I don’t really care (like that one time in Target when I had a headache and I just tapped because I needed to and my kids were mortified :) ).

However, sometimes it just doesn’t feel appropriate. So here are three ways to tap when YOU are in public:

  • If you are in a meeting or sitting at a table (or even right there out in the open), you can take your thumb from either hand and tap on the sides of each finger. Start with your thumb to your index finger and then the middle finger, the ring finger and then the pinky. You can even do this with both hands at the same time. It can be very calming in the moment. It may not shift the entire issue for you (it’s important to go back and explore it or tap on it more thoroughly when you have time) but it will help you get through the moment a bit more easily.

  • Since we have meridians all over our bodies, we can tap just about anywhere and feel the benefits, but I find another great hidden tapping point to be above the knee cap. Again, if you are sitting at a table or desk and need to be discreet, this point is sure to make you feel relaxed in moments and no one needs to know!

  • If you are a seasoned tapper and do it regularly, it might be helpful to just imagine tapping on the points without actually tapping. I use this one often...especially if I am having a conversation with someone and I feel triggered in some way. This way, I can tend to myself and my feelings without the other person knowing. You don’t have to say anything...just imagine tapping the points on yourself and it can help you to shift in a short period of time.

I hope these suggestions are helpful for you! Remember, these tips are just to help you in the moment of feeling triggered. You will probably have to go back and tap on what created discomfort for you later, but in the moment, it can really help you to go from agitated, anxious or irritable to feeling calmer and more settled.

Here is a video I made addressing Frequently Asked Questions about Tapping:

Stay tuned for my newest videos to be released soon! They include:

  • Tapping to stop complaining

  • Tapping to release disappointments

  • Tapping to release neck pain

I will be sending these links out soon!

Have a great week and don’t forget to tune into the Tapping World Summit this week. There have been some amazing interviews so far and mine is scheduled for Wednesday March 7th. See you there!

Happy Tapping!



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